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Norristown, PA, us
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"Through brightest dawn to darkest dusk and all which lies between, immortal echoes the voice of the poet; earth whispers poeternitry."
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~SUMMER MOON SOLILOQUY~ A summer moonchild born July, quick-silver moonlit lullaby. A sweet wildflower rock-a-bye, petal lashes wink a blue floral eye. Wind gathered in my arms I'll fly, wisp away rain clouds that cry, yet summer's flame your tears I'll dry. Like breath of wind I'll never die. I'll breathe inside you butterfly quivers. With sunshine heart I'll melt your shivers. A water child I'll mimic the sea. Together we'll sail the depths of me. Just like heat wave summer hot, I'll flame your inner passions spot. Like gust of Mercedes moon cold, I'll cool your anger hard to hold. Hot and cold both temper me, hot summer, moon cold soliloquy. Both inside me outside unfold. A summer moonchild, my story told. © 2005 Karen Davies

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